Electronics and housing

UTEA Hand Held Glove

UTEA is critical for all drillpipe inspection, which complies with all industry standards. Inspection is carried out quickly and effeciently using our five probe glove. This lightweight and portable unit allows for easy use within the field.

Ultrasonic End Area Equipment

Size capability from 2 3/8” – 6 5/8”

  • 2 X Ultrasonic Inspection Head (glove) (sized at customer discretion)
  • 1 X Set UT Probes
  • 1 X Flaw Detector
  • 1 X Multiplexer
  • 1 X Cabinet
  • 1 X Computer Software
  • Cabling
  • Manual

The TP-UTEA requires a pipe specific manual array (glove) that contains up to five (5) transducers. In most cases it is used with five (5) shear-wave transducers to locate transverse flaws (5/0 configuration)

This is a manual system so requires no rotators.
You require individual gloves per size of pipe.

UTEA Flyer


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