RigchecK utilises state-of-the-art technology to monitor the magnectic fields both around and within the tubing to verify the integrity of the production tubing strings. This system can accurately detect inconsistencies in the composition of tubular goods such as pitting, rod wear , wall reduction and splits as the string is being extracted from the oil and gas well. All signals and readings are analysed and displayed on a computer charting software program. The charts along with the report generating software program allow the user to quickly and easily create a profile for the entire string being tested.

RigchecK Specification:

  • Weighs 99.20lb (45Kg)
  • Cube Scanner Measures 14" (35cm)
  • Easily Mounts On Service Rigs
  • Single Cable Connects Scanner To Electronics
  • Non-Contact Head - Allows Scanning Of Tube While Ignoring Fluids, Wax, Sand And Other Impairing Debris
  • Rubber Wipers - To Steady Tube When Pulled Through Scanner
  • Inspects Up To 200ft/min (60meter/min)
  • Electronics can be located up to 120ft away

RigchecK Flyer


Non-Contact Hall Head

Cube Scanner

Single Cable Connector

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